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Dear Fellow Citizen,

The government is coming after your private retirement accounts.  They say it is for your own good.  Are you going to let them get away with it?
How long are you going to tolerate this kind of contemptible behavior by Washington politicians?  

How long are you going to sit on your couch and whine and complain about how bad things are andcontinue to give these horrid people a free pass? 
First the government and their banker croniesdebauched the currency and destroyed economic growth.  Properly measured, unemployment approaches 15 percent, the pricesof food and energy are rising rapidly and soon will be followed by price increases for other items.  The Fed just keeps printing money, and the Congress just keeps spending it.

The federal government is on a spending spree and borrowing bingeunsurpassed in peacetime.  The President and members of his party in the Congress are threatening to default on the national debt if they are not allowed to borrow trillions more than the $14.3 trillion they’ve already run up in debt.  Meanwhile, the president is running around forgiving debt owed to the United States by foreigners, Egypt being just the latest example.
It is not just the Democrats and the Obama White House who are behaving abominably. 

There is a scandalous bipartisan push to raise taxes and cut Medicareand Social Security.  Republicans talk a lot when it comes to cutting spending but they never manage to do so.  They would much rather bicker with the Democrats over long-range “reform” schemes that don’t really cut spending for a decade.  It’s all a scam, a slight of hand trick, and you Mr. or Ms. American citizen are the mark.
Now on top of it all, they also want to go after your 401k Account. Well, that’s understandable.  Like any other thief, government goes where the money is.  Government is broke, and so they are coming after your retirement funds.

It's your money, and in this time of economic turmoil—turmoil created by the government itself—an unprecedented number of people, about 28-percent, have dipped into their 401-K retirement funds to help make ends meet. But now there is a bi-partisan scheme to prevent people from having full access to their own private money in their retirement accounts. 
Government doesn’t want you able to take care of yourself.  First they wouldimpoverish you and then they offer you handouts to take care of you.  Don’t you smell something a little bit fishy here?

Senators Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.) and Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wy.) have decided they know better than you how to manage your own money, so they have introduced a bill to limit the number of loans 401-k holders may take fromtheir own accounts.   Can you believe it?  These characters want to limit the amount of money you can loan yourself?

Kohl and Enzi also want to make it as difficult for you to tap into your 401k accounts for emergencies by placing a ban of debit and credit cards that can withdraw money directly from your 401-K account.  They argue that people having free access to all of their money whenever they wantrepresents a “leakage” that government has to staunch.  That’s why they call their little bill the SEAL Act (''Savings Enhancement by Alleviating Leakage in 401(k) Savings Act of 2011'').  

Aren’t they cute?  

Well, these two jokers may think they are cute now but they won’t find it so funny if you the voters rise up in opposition to their Nanny-State antics! 
Senator Enzi pretends to be a conservative who defends freedom, and he turns out to be just another money-grasping politician on a power tripwho thinks he knows what’s best for you.
Have they no shame, you ask?  

Of course not.  They are shameful.  

The only thing they understand is voter resistance because all they care about is keeping their seat in Congress.
Unfortunately, most voters are too uninformed or passive to express their outrage at Washington’s continued shenanigans.  Politicians prey on these voters the way child predators prey on defenseless children. 

That is why it is up to the active minority of well-informed, committed citizens such as you
 to carry the load for the rest of the country.  

Once roused, the American public is an awesome force, but politicians have figured out how to keep the public placid—drugged on dependency—while they pick people’s pockets and strip them of their freedom.  It may not be fair but that’s the way it has always been, and it won’t change anytime soon. It is up to you!
Senators Kohl and Enzi give the usual excuses for their reprehensible grasp for more power.  The government has to protect us from ourselvesthey claim.  

Well, the last time I read the Constitutionit isn’t politicians’ job to protect us from ourselves.  The biggest threat to us is the government itself, and the Constitution is very clear in laying out limited powers for the government and numerous and explicit protections against government.  Politicians today simply ignore the Constitution, and the American public seems willing to go along.  Are you willing to go along with a complete governmenttakeover of everything, including how you manage your own money?
How you manage your own money is none of politicians’ and bureaucrats’ business.  Government should butt out. 

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.  Governments can’t balance their own check books—the federal government alone now borrows more than 40 percent of what it consumes—and politicians want to lecture individual citizens on how to manage their own money?
It is absurd for politicians to lecture anyone about what is and isn’t a good investment or how to be responsible with their money!
These same people who have been colossal failures at handling the public’s money are now trying to tell us what to do with our money.  These clowns have no idea what they are doing—they are stuck on stupid—but they want to dictate how we manage our own money.  It is disgraceful. 
And make no mistake; it won’t stop here!  

This power grab is merely a precursor to what we’ve already seen in Argentina and Europe where government eventually just confiscated private pension plans and retirement accounts. 
Suppose you never put your money in a 401k account.  You would be able to use it.  So, why does government think it has the right or makes any sense to tell you once you’ve saved the money that you cannot use any of it?  

What do you think that will do to people’s incentive to save in the first place?  People will say, the heck with this, I won’t tie-up my money.  Which, of course politicians will love because it will just give them an excuse to tax people more in the name of “forcing them to save for their own good.”
As usual with busybody government meddling, it has exactly the opposite effect of what the politicians claim it was intended to do.  Government meddling is always counterproductive, it always leads to the opposite of what it intends.  People are not stupid when it comes to their own money.  They will find a way around the government’s snooping and meddling.  The problem is, the cost of doing so is enormous and so everyone suffers and everyone ends up worse off when it’s all said and done.
The only way government can stop people from getting around unjust, ridiculous government regulations is to create such a tyranny that there is no more freedom.  That is where this is leading, this insidious philosophy of government getting into our business at every level—government wants to control your every action from what you eat to what you drive, from how you raise your kids to how you manage your own money.  It is total government control and Senators Kohl and Enzi are forging one more link in the chains that government intends to bind you with if you don’t rise up and stop them. It’s up to you!

Defend America,

Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D.
Social Security Institute 
15 Culpeper St. 
Warrenton VA, 20187

P.S. The Social Security Institute is using every resource we have to fight this dangerous government overreach into our personal retirement accounts. When our members and supporters get involved, we have a GREAT history of winning. Please help us and contribute to SSI here. Keep fighting the good fight!

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