Senior Alert (6/22/09)

Buried Gun Still Smoking:
How AARP sold out seniors to Obama Administration

Washington Post reporter Ceci Connolly, "Obama Brings The Pain For Health Care's Gain", describes how AARP sold out seniors by sitting on the sidelines and refusing to put up a fight to stop cuts to Medicare, higher Medicare premiums and putting the squeeze on Medicare healthcare providers, which results in less care for seniors:

“. . .everyone shares the pain.  Few retirees, even if they are wealthy, would be happy paying higher Medicare premiums, but the senior citizens' lobby AARP immediately recognized that Obama's plan targeted only a fraction of its 40 million members. And though home health care firms protested recommended cuts in reimbursements, the objections were muted by references to the industry's healthy profit margins.”

Connolly explains how Obama’s “spreading-the-pain” strategy works: 

“With each new hurdle, the White House recalibrates the mix of trade-offs, tantalizing the players with enticements while ratcheting up the pain, or what it euphemistically calls ‘shared responsibility.’  It is not an accident that Emanuel, on a range of issues, tells aides: ‘The only nonnegotiable principle here is [legislative] success.  Everything else is negotiable.’"

So, listen up seniors:  EVERYTHING is negotiable, including your health and welfare.  The Washington Post and AARP may believe that “only a fraction” of seniors will be hurt, but that is whistling past the graveyard.  Once healthcare nationalized and taken over by the government to run, there will be no one else on whom to shift costs so providers and the government will begin to ration care to seniors.  It is inevitable, and no manner of wishful thinking will change that cold, hard fact.

Behind the president’s smooth and smiling exterior lies another FDR, a ruthless politician who will stop at nothing to achieve a political victory. 

Contrary to the image painted on talk radio, President Obama is not an evil or malicious man with bad intentions.  To the contrary, he appears to be a good man with good intentions whose limited knowledge of how the world really works is overshadowed by political ambition and hubris.  That makes him a dangerous man. 

For all of his class-warfare rhetoric, professing to stand for the poor and the vulnerable, he is a deal maker to his core, and deals of consequence are to be had only with the rich and powerful.  As the most powerful seniors organization in the world, AARP understands this and is willing to make a deal.  Unfortunately, your health and welfare are the bargaining chits on the table.

As Gary DeMar wrote recently, “Power is most often dangerous in the hands of those who want to do ‘good’ because they believe their intentions to help the less fortunate are righteous and just.”  There is no doubt President Obama is a good man with good intentions but in trying to do good by nationalizing healthcare, he is going to hurt a lot of people, and many of them will be the old, the frail, the infirm—those who have no defense against bureaucrats and technocrats charged with achieving the “greater good.”  


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