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The modern American welfare state is a kleptocracy in which everyone is stealing from everyone else under the color of law using the income tax and IRS as the bagman.

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Order Lawrence Hunter's New Book "Taxed To Death"
VIDEO - Why, if you read only one book this year, Taxed To Death: How the Income Tax and IRS Harm EVERYONE in America should be it!

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Today's Politicians In Need Of Adult Supervision Former Reagan Ambassador to the Soviet Union says, "I don’t believe that we are witnessing a renewal of the Cold War. The tensions between Russia and the West are based more on misunderstandings, misrepresentations and posturing for domestic audiences than on any real clash of ideologies or national interests. And the issues are far fewer and much less dangerous than those we dealt with during the Cold War." Wed, 19 Mar 2014 14:28:00 -0500 Book Review - Taxed To Death BOOK REVIEW - Thankfully for readers, Hunter has written a very interesting new book, Taxed to Death: A Concerned Citizen's Guide to How the Income Tax & IRS Harm Everyone in America. For those concerned about taxes and the growing power of the IRS, this is a book for them. Wed, 19 Mar 2014 12:19:29 -0500 NeoCons & "Sickly Inhibitions" against War To NeoCons, as Noam Chomsky said, “It’s very dangerous for a population to be overcome by these sickly inhibitions [against military force], as Goebbels understood, because then there’s a limit on foreign adventures.” Tue, 18 Mar 2014 06:10:32 -0500 Growth Gap Begins To Swallow U.S. Economy In my new book, Taxed To Death; How the Income Tax & IRS Harm EVERYONE in America, I trace the historic development of the growth gap—a concept I introduced in a 1991 Wall Street Journal commentary—and pinpoint how the income tax has been a major contributor to its persistence. Chapter X of Taxed To Death makes the point that if one begins the analysis at the point the growth gap re-emerged in 2001 during George W. Bush’s presidency—and never closed thereafter—rather than at the beginning of the latest economic recovery (mid-2009) as IBD does, by 2012, the measured GDP growth gap would be twice what IBD reports, a GDP shortfall of $2.651 trillion in real, inflation-adjusted 2005 dollars.
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Inside Washington's War on Seniors Something strange is happening in Washington. We are slowly dismantling the federal government, even as its spending is growing larger. The paradox is that governmental competence is being systematically degraded while the government’s size, as measured by its budget, is increasing. We are spending more and getting less, and — unless present trends are reversed — this will continue for years. It threatens the end of government as we know it. Tue, 11 Feb 2014 12:39:55 -0600 The wolves of Washington Are business people more corrupt than those in government? Hollywood loves to portray those in business as the baddies and those in government as the good guys. Exhibit A is the new movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” the largely true story of con man Jordan Belfort. Wed, 15 Jan 2014 12:16:06 -0600 Reagan’s Farewell Address at 25 It was sobering to have a student come up to me after class recently and ask, “So, when was Reagan elected president again?” As firsthand memory of Reagan recedes further into the rearview mirror and a new generation with no direct memory of him reaches adulthood, Reagan’s shadow continues to lengthen, especially for conservatives and his would-be Republican successors on the presidential stage. Mon, 13 Jan 2014 15:35:06 -0600 Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp: The Many Ways That You’re Being Tracked, Catalogued and Controlled What is most striking about the American police state is not the mega-corporations running amok in the halls of Congress, the militarized police crashing through doors and shooting unarmed citizens, or the invasive surveillance regime which has come to dominate every aspect of our lives. No, what has been most disconcerting about the emergence of the American police state is the extent to which the citizenry appears content to passively wait for someone else to solve our nation’s many problems. Unless Americans are prepared to engage in militant nonviolent resistance in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, true reform, if any, will be a long time coming. Tue, 07 Jan 2014 10:15:28 -0600 Unlawful Government Fees and Taxes on Guns, Permits and Registration Chicago, IL—The State of Illinois like lots of jurisdictions in America want to over-regulate our rights to keep and bear arms.  Additionally they want to make us pay or face arrest and imprisonment for not submitting to their unlawful extortion demands. Mon, 06 Jan 2014 09:04:04 -0600 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts 2014 is upon us. For a person who graduated from Georgia Tech in 1961, a year in which the class ring showed the same date right side up or upside down, the 21st century was a science fiction concept associated with Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” To us George Orwell’s 1984 seemed so far in the future we would never get there. Now it is 30 years in the past. Fri, 03 Jan 2014 09:20:54 -0600 HUNTER: Obama's plan is to destroy America’s private health care industry Obamacare was designed to self-destruct, but not so quickly nor generating so much alarm... Obamacare has blown up on the launch pad. People are having their health plans canceled, and they are now stranded, unable to replace their old insurance policies with new plans purchased through the insurance exchanges because the Obamacare website is dysfunctional. President Obama is trying to prevent a chain reaction from getting out of control by proposing a system restart, requiring insurance companies to reinstate canceled plans for a year to give the administration time to “fix” the website and get the exchanges operational. Thu, 05 Dec 2013 10:39:51 -0600 John Whitehead: Who’s to Blame for Battlefield America? Is It Militarized Police or the Militarized Culture? It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is responsible for the growing spate of police shootings, brutality and overreach that have come to dominate the news lately, whether it’s due to militarized police, the growing presence of military veterans in law enforcement, the fact that we are a society predisposed to warfare, indoctrinated through video games, reality TV shows, violent action movies and a series of endless wars that have, for younger generations, become life as they know it—or all of the above. Tue, 12 Nov 2013 12:23:29 -0600 Jon Rappoport: The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare Come down the road of history and watch the vast parade. There were the cave people, with their fear of the thunder and lightning and the forces behind them; there were the priesthoods rattling gourds and pointing scepters; there were the supposed witches, and the alchemists, and the prophets who, we’re to believe, deeded their highest ideas to bureaucrats and killers who would build churches in their name… Mon, 11 Nov 2013 14:21:25 -0600 American Apocalypse Author Justin Raimondo says he doesn't believe in God but he believes in divine retribution. Without going into the specifics of this somewhat counterintuitive theology, suffice to say here that its central axiom is the idea that actions have consequences. One cannot go on committing evil without reaping a whirlwind or two. Eventually Nemesis overtakes Hubris, and the results aren’t pretty. Mon, 21 Oct 2013 10:53:36 -0500 Early Stages of Hyperinflation Next Year-John Williams (VIDEO) Economist John Williams says the U.S. budget and debt ceiling circus is not the real problem.  Williams contends, “The issue here, very simply, is the long term solvency of the United States of America. . . This gap based deficit is going to kill us . . . We are going to be in very serious trouble in this next year, and the global markets know this is happening.” Thu, 17 Oct 2013 12:37:32 -0500 Yellen Nomination: A Blow to the Recovery-Starved When the Fed announced in September that it would postpone indefinitely the cessation of the economic vandalism that is Quantitative Easing (QE), investors and pundits expressed surprise. They shouldn’t have. Walter Bagehot brightly telegraphed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s QE audible well over 100 years ago. Wed, 09 Oct 2013 11:00:11 -0500 David Stockman Explains The Keynesian State-Wreck Ahead - Sundown In America The median U.S. household income in 2012 was $51,000, but that’s nothing to crow about. That same figure was first reached way back in 1989--- meaning that the living standard of Main Street America has gone nowhere for the last quarter century. Since there was no prior span in U.S. history when real household incomes remained dead-in-the-water for 25 years, it cannot be gainsaid that the great American prosperity machine has stalled out. Tue, 08 Oct 2013 09:57:08 -0500 Obama's Reckless Default Fear-Mongering Never before has an American president threatened and risked the U.S. economy and financial markets the way Barack Obama has in recent days. For his own narrow political ends, Obama and his minions have actually accused the Republican party of deliberately provoking a Treasury debt default because they don't agree with the Obama position on the continuing budget resolution and the debt ceiling. Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:30:46 -0500 There Obama Goes Again Holding Seniors Hostage Two years ago, as the federal government approached its legal borrowing limit, President Obama made a thinly veiled, Tony-Soprano-style threat to hold up Social Security checks if congressional Republicans didn’t give in to him and increase the debt limit and raise taxes.  The president contended that if the government was unable to borrow more money, “There may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it [pay Social Security benefits].” Mon, 07 Oct 2013 13:32:59 -0500 The Horrible Truth About Obamacare & The New Health Bills Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected. Fri, 04 Oct 2013 08:46:39 -0500 Is the Sun Peeking Through the War Clouds? To say the War Party is apoplectic at Obama for blowing this chance to get us into war with Syria, which held real promise of sucking us into a war with Iran, is an understatement... Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is sometimes credited with the proverb, “God has a special providence for fools, drunks and the United States of America.” Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:09:14 -0500 What You Should Know About Monetary Policy and War (Language) Dr. Jim Willie, publisher of the Hat Trick Letter, says, “U.S. Ship of State is Sinking, It’s a Derelict Vessel...The U.S. is obstructing capitalism and commerce.  That is the problem...The U.S. is in an indefensible position, both with war and monetary policy.”  Mon, 09 Sep 2013 10:55:00 -0500 Taxed To Death (BOOK EXCERPT) At this advanced stage of the collective’s development, dismantling the welfare-warfare state one agency and one program at a time will never succeed.  Too many people who work and live inside the collective’s bureaucratic cells and thrive off its nectar will swarm to man the barricades to defend their benefits and jobs.  Too many crony capitalists who occupy the military-industrial complex and who operate the too-big-to-fail financial cartel will form a forward line of defense against would-be reformers and peacemakers.  Too many apparatchiks and contractors at the IRS and inside NSA know too much about too many people in the constitutional branches of government to let them wander too far off the reservation.  Mon, 09 Sep 2013 09:08:57 -0500 The real state of the world economy is dire These are the four extremely shaky legs on which today's economy rests: Central bank money printing, Bank leverage, Government borrowing and Derivatives, which combined have created a world of delusional wealth and illusory prosperity. Also, there is a total absence of moral and ethical values. We are in the final stages of an era of extreme decadence, an era that sadly cannot and will not have a happy ending. Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:55:47 -0500 Profiles In Pork In defense of the men (and women) of the East German Stasi, the Soviet-era KGB, the Red Guards – and other such like throughout the history of totalitarian regimes: They had little real choice. It was either brutalize their fellow citizens – or join the ranks of the brutalized.pig profile picture.  The United State is not quite there yet. It is merely at the late Czarist Russia – or Weimar Germany – stage. Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:44:16 -0500 Is the Government Out to Eat You? We are the rabbits; the rulers are the coyotes.  Rulership is an exercise in skimming. Think of your own interactions with your government – the primary exchange is that they take some of your production. The predators always overfeed until their prey can no longer sustain them, then most of them die and the rest wait for the prey to replenish themselves.

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Republicans' Latest Attack on Obamacare Involves IRS ( - The effort to derail Obamacare may run through the Internal Revenue Service, House Republican leaders say. Majority Leader Cantor says, "Republicans are really gearing up for one big week next week," when they plan to introduce a bill -- one of 11 -- that would remove the IRS as the enforcer of Obamacare.
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Senior Bashing Back In Vogue SENIOR ALERT: Pay No Attention To Those Rising Prices: A 1.5 percent COLA increase is all you get 

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 14:43:26 -0500
The Next American Revolution The entire current model of governance, social order and the economy will be revolutionized not by overthrow but by the process of irrelevance. What will become relevant will no longer be in the control of the Savior State or its partner, financialized cartel capitalism.  Those currently holding all the concentrated power and wealth cannot believe they will become irrelevant, but that's the result of projecting the present as if it is permanent and immutable. Fri, 05 Jul 2013 07:38:55 -0500 Treasury Bond Bubble (VIDEO) Financial analyst Dr. Jim Willie says the Treasury bond is the greatest asset bubble in history, at least twice as large as the housing and mortgage bubble, maybe three or four times as large. Fri, 05 Jul 2013 07:20:22 -0500 Fed Policies Harm Seniors Since the Federal Reserve began printing money during this latest round, the Fed has deprived retirees of interest income and has forced retirees to spend down their capital in order to pay living expenses. Judging from the initial market response, the Fed’s latest policy announcement that it soon will be shutting off the printing press is adversely impacting bond, stock and real estate investors, and the manipulation of the bullion markets continues to wreak destruction on wealth stored in the only known safe haven. Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:51:06 -0500 RAHN: Evolutionary anomalies in our midst It is odd to be on a small volcanic island on the equator in the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles west of Ecuador, for a meeting of economists and a few other academics and think-tank types. One of the lesser purposes of the meeting is to discuss what we can learn from natural selection and animal behavior that might have relevance for the world economy and modern societies. And no, this is not a government boondoggle. We are a bunch of limited-government, free-market types, here on our own tab — not burdening any taxpayer with our eccentricities. Tue, 25 Jun 2013 12:00:44 -0500 ObamaCare's Impact On Seniors (VIDEO) Seniors were the first to be adversely affected by ObamaCare with healthcare rationing, substandard treatment and even denial of care.  As full implementation of ObamaCare fast approaches, it is revealing to review what healthcare experts predicted right after the law was enacted to prepared for what is likely to hit seniors next. Sun, 23 Jun 2013 08:32:16 -0500 Training Fleas and Human Beings John Gatto explains that to train a flea to behave and perform on cue you first have to break its autonomy, break its will.  Then you can impose your will on them.  The Survellience State is all about subverting core American values and breaking people's autonomy  --  demoralizing and disorienting people so the elite guardians of society can impose their will on the them. Mon, 17 Jun 2013 11:51:42 -0500 "Retirement Heist" Helps Cause Retirement Crisis Former investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal, says that large companies, aided by benefits consultants and lawyers, have contributed to the decline of American pensions and benefits, citing numerous examples of companies using their pension funds and retiree benefit cuts to bolster profits and boost compensation for senior executives at the expense of rank-and-file workers. Mon, 17 Jun 2013 11:27:52 -0500 Taxed To Death Introduction Excerpt from the new book on the income tax and the IRS by SSI President Larry Hunter, available March 1, 2014: Taxed To Death: A Concerned Citizen's Guide To How The Income Tax & the IRS Harm EVERYONE in America. Sat, 15 Jun 2013 08:09:01 -0500 Technology and the State: How Modern Investigative Techniques Have Revived the General Warrant The NSA snooping scandal reveals that today's surveillance state is high-tech throwback to what is known as a "General Warrant," which along with taxes was the primary spark of the Americna Revolution. The General Warrants American colonists suffered under  were specifically addressed in the 4th Amendment. A general warrant, or "writ of assistance" in the colonial era, gives state agents carte blanche to investigate otherwise private areas for evidence of any wrongdoing. Fri, 14 Jun 2013 12:59:42 -0500 Social Security: The New Deal’s Fiscal Ponzi [The Social Security Act of 1935]'s fiscal legacy threatens disaster in the present era because its core principle of “social insurance” inexorably gives rise to a fiscal doomsday machine. When in the context of modern political democracy the state offers universal transfer payments to its citizens without proof of need, it offers thereby to bankrupt itself—eventually. Thu, 13 Jun 2013 09:53:26 -0500 Ron Paul on "The Daily Rundown" W/Chuck Todd, (MSNBC) today 9:00am est Wed, 12 Jun 2013 10:34:28 -0500 Bubble, Bubble, Government's Trouble Government itself is no more than a venture without substance, a gossamer bubble. Government is a completely useless appendage to human society; none of it is needed by any rational standard; those few of its functions that are in true economic demand can and will be performed by the market. Wed, 29 May 2013 12:26:13 -0500 Mutiny on Benghazi or Presidential Impotence? Was there mutiny in the ranks on September 11, 2012 when President Barack Obama gave the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a direct order to mobilize military forces in Benghazi and they failed to carry out his command? Or, did the president rescind his deployment order? The American people have a right to know. The president may be a potted plant but we are not. Tue, 28 May 2013 12:09:41 -0500 America's Descent Into Madness Over the decades, I have watched the U.S. government descend further and further into stupidity. It has now gone into madness. The U.S. is power mad. It insists on throwing its weight around, causing and supporting wars that wreck countries, including our own, kill their inhabitants, cause religious killings and refugees, and bring down governments. All the U.S. wars, whether on poverty, drugs, ill-health, or terror, are evidence of power madness. Sun, 26 May 2013 13:55:34 -0500 French Measles As with so much Republican “outrage,” GOP indignation is misplaced and disingenuous. 
Whether it is Republican “outrage” over Benghazi—outrage over Hillary’s dereliction of duty and the Obama Administration’s general incompetence—or the IRS’s targeting so-called “conservative” groups for harassment and persecution, the outrage never goes to the heart of the real issue.  As with American politics generally, GOP “outrage” over IRS abuse or about the president’s imperial incompetence is superficial and distracting. In the case of Benghazi, the real issue is what the CIA is up to in Libya that provoked the attack and continues to fuel war and rebellion in other countries in and around the region, which the CIA and White House desperately are trying to cover up—almost certainly gunrunning to extremist Islamic rebels in Syria and beyond.  Can you say "Watergate" and “Iran-Contra” Obama style?  Can you say "impeachment?"
Mon, 13 May 2013 21:15:35 -0500
Reps. Gingrey & Duffy Buck DC Pols On Social Security Bravo! At last, a few courageous Republicans are bucking the White House and their own congressional leadership to oppose ill-advised cuts to Social Security.  Reps. Sean Duffy (R-WI) and Phil Gingrey (R-GA) are actively opposing the Washington Establishment's efforts to chisel annual cost of living allowances (COLAs) that protect seniors against inflation.   Mon, 13 May 2013 08:34:53 -0500 State-Created Aging Crisis The problem of growing old was dealt with efficiently in human society for tens of thousands of years simply by incorporating older people into the family unit. When people got older they took care of the children while mothers and fathers hunted, gathered, etc. Later on, the solution was updated as societies modernized but the basics remained the same. The family unit remained intact and people aged within familial situations.  It is only in the past century or so that a determined effort has been made to remove aging parents from the home under the guise that the "state" will care for them. This has caused a demographic and financial crisis that shows no signs of ending. Thu, 02 May 2013 10:32:48 -0500 Judge Napolitano Deconstructs Rand Paul On Drones (VIDEO) In an Interview last week with Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co., Judge Andrew Napolitano pointed out that Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement yesterday of the government’s using drones to kill suspected robbers is unequivocally not a change in Paul’s original position on drones.  The only problem is, as the Judge pointed out, the Senator’s original position on drones was critically flawed, watered down and inadequate to begin with.  Napolitano succinctly demonstrated why Paul’s 13-hour filibuster failed to go to the heart of the matter where drones are concerned. Sat, 27 Apr 2013 09:34:39 -0500 Peter Schiff Exposes Government's Lie About Inflation The CPI no longer is a tool to accurately measure inflation; it is an instrument of propaganda the government uses to hide accelerating inflation from the public and financial markets and to keep Social Security COLAs lower than they should be.  Now they want to go to the Chained CPI, which will understate inflation even more.  The true rate of inflation is probably somewhere between 7 and 10 percent right now, not the 1.5 percent officially measured by the CPI. Fri, 26 Apr 2013 16:54:50 -0500 Time To Rethink American National Security Apparatus It is time to close down the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and dismantle the affiliated national-security apparatus operating in the shadows (involving more than 30 separate federal agencies) that has grown up around it since 9/11. It is also time to rein in the CIA and reorganize the Federal Bureau of Investigation, shut down its proactive counterterrorism operations and revert the FBI to its former role as a reactive, domestic law-enforcement agency. Prophylactic government—PRECRIME—is antithetical to liberty and contrary to basic American values...AND it fails to make us safer. Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:44:27 -0500 SSI President Testifies On Chained CPI A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid.  Reneging on Congress’s Social Security promises by chiseling COLA payments through the Chained-CPA ruse would be every bit as devastating to the integrity and legitimacy of the United States Government as would reneging on interest or on principal repayment of the national debt held by the public.  Which raises an interesting question:  The principal on Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) currently is adjusted for inflation using the CPI-U, not the CPI-W.  Will the Chained-CPI also apply to TIPS, and if not, why not?  If so, this switch would represent the first step in reneging on the full faith and credit of the United States Government.  And if that is the case, which it indisputably would be, why isn’t it also a crack in the full faith and credit of the United States Government to go back on the promise—the debt—to seniors who faithfully and diligently paid their payroll taxes every payday expecting the government to make good on its promise? Thu, 18 Apr 2013 07:14:13 -0500 I Want Your Retirement Account President Obama plans to limit how much an individual may save in their retirement accounts.  The central planners in the US and most Western governments have and will decide how much is "enough" for you to have and if you manage to still have significant assets after that, they'll continue to whittle them away via taxation and inflation.  It's all easily predictable as this is where things always go once things are socialized or collectivized. Mon, 08 Apr 2013 08:39:56 -0500 Obama Set To Cut Social Security (REPRISE) With reports circulating all over Washington today that President Obama will go public this week with a proposal to cut Socia Security for CURRENT Social Security recipients, it is a good time to reprise warnings I have been issuing about Obama's secret agreement with Congress. If seniors don't wake up immediately, they will discover they've been had by the Washington politicians while they slept.  Here is a warning I posted right after the last election:  "Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner reiterated yesterday that the GOP is willing to push investors and the economy into the ditch by raising taxes if the Democrats agree to push old people off a cliff by cutting Social Security and other entitlemets."  (Check back daily for reprise warnings from the past several years or go to Dr. Hunter's archive and browse through his blogs and op-eds.) Fri, 05 Apr 2013 07:18:14 -0500 ObamaCare Is Rationing Seniors To Death ObamaCare was not supposed to affect seniors on Medicare but it does, and it already has started to squeeze Medicare, which in turn squeezes healthcare providers who in turn squeeze the medical care seniors receive by rationing, delayed treatment, substandard care and even outright denial of care. Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:48:46 -0500 Amash: Cut Social Security, Give $$$ To Veterans Republican Congressman Justin Amash is doing nothing here but glorifying the killers for the state and failing to recognize the coercive nature of Social Security. If less care was given to veterans (or no care), then maybe word would get out that joining the military was not such a great career move. At the same time, Social Security funds should be reimbursed to the people it was taken from, by liquidating government assets. Thus, from a libertarian perspective, Amash has things backwards. He is protecting the state at the expense of its subjects. Sun, 24 Mar 2013 14:31:02 -0500 Notes On The American Elite American politics today is quite literally mindless. Think about it. Things have been tending that way for a long time, but in the last three decades a state of perfect mindlessness has prevailed. Of course, there has always been demagoguery, and at least since Martin Van Buren the predominant political parties have tended to avoid and obfuscate serious issues and stick to a vague and comfortable middle. But we have surely now reached a further stage in the collapse of meaningful self-government. Wed, 20 Mar 2013 07:13:47 -0500 Staring Armageddon In The Face In a recent communication, statistician John Williams of reports that the rigged official annual rate of consumer inflation (CPI) of 1.6% is in fact, as measured by the official US government methodology of 1990, 9.2%. In other words, the rate of inflation is 5.75 times greater than the reported rate. If Williams is correct, the interest rate on bonds is extremely negative. Tue, 12 Mar 2013 07:25:44 -0500 Hilarious!
(VIDEO) Jimmy Kimmel Asks People About Obama Pardoning The Sequester -- Sending It to Portugal

Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:18:43 -0500
Lindsey Graham, Get Thee To A Monastery So, neo-clown Senator Lindsey Graham is offended, is he, by Rand Paul's asking President Obama, “Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?” Offended? How hilarious. That’s like a Cardinal of the Catholic Church saying he is offended by the mother of a young son asking a priest, “Are you a pedophile?” Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:07:14 -0500 The Real Solution to the Debt Problem Within our current political economy, a balanced budget could only ever mean stifling and overwhelming levels of taxation, which would even further serve to blight the economy. A true remedy to the condition of government debt is the elimination of its underlying incentives and root cause. It's time to free economic life from the burden of the Federal Reserve System, letting individuals' voluntary exchanges decide questions of money and credit. Wed, 06 Mar 2013 07:48:32 -0600 The Washington Favor Factory Too many conservartives ignore the sick-making dependency that is all too apparent to anyone living in Washington, D.C., and I don't just mean welfare. The capital's suburbs are full of some of the highest average incomes in the U.S. Sorry, but dependency on government isn't just the property of the poor; rather it's arguably bigger among middle and upper middle class earners fully reliant on a bloated federal budget. The political class that lives as a parasite off the rest of the country must grow up and shed it's addiction to public-sector lucre. War is not a jobs program, and government creates more problems that it solves. Thu, 28 Feb 2013 07:21:34 -0600 The Manufactured Crisis Of Sequester Even during this desultory economic recovery, one industry thrives — the manufacture of synthetic hysteria. It is, however, inaccurate to accuse the Hysteric in Chief of crying “Wolf!” about spending cuts under the sequester. He is actually crying “Hamster!” The sequester has forced liberals to clarify their conviction that whatever the government’s size is at any moment, it is the bare minimum necessary to forestall intolerable suffering. Sat, 23 Feb 2013 11:27:54 -0600 America The Hateful (VIDEO) The degradation of America resulting from police and military violence will not go on forever before a minority of people rebels against it. If the debasement is to be halted and reversed in time to prevent a rebellion from thrusting the country into internal warfare with itself, it will require people of the right—traditional conservatives and people of faith—to cease worshiping cops and soldiers, give up their dark romance with institutionalized violence and join with constitutionalists and libertarians to dismantle the welfare-warfare-police state before it is too late. Fri, 22 Feb 2013 10:58:27 -0600 NYC Practices "Pre-Crime" Against Mentally Ill (VIDEO) Judge Andrew Napolitano takes on NYC’s plan to round up mentally ill people who are not taking court-ordered medication. The NYPD is taking a new, "Pre-Crime" approach to trying to prevent future crimes by people who are not receiving court-ordered mental health treatment. The city has come up with a list of 25 such individuals and, if found, they will be forced to receive treatment. Fri, 22 Feb 2013 10:36:17 -0600 The Great Sequester Panic Prepare for the end of food safety as we have known it. For a breakdown in public order. For little children languishing in ignorance. If only Edward Gibbon were here to chronicle the devastation. On March 1, the fabric of our civilization begins to unwind. . . Or so Obama would have us believe. Pure baloney, Fri, 22 Feb 2013 10:23:47 -0600 This Is Bat Country! (Warning: Adult Language) Hunter S. Thompson knew the endgame long ago, in 1971 lamenting that “in a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” Fri, 22 Feb 2013 10:03:28 -0600 The Bankster Fraud Banking insider acknowledges that banks are frauds. Most banks, particularly in the developed west, only hold a tiny fraction of their customer’s deposits in cash. The rest is gambled away on whatever the popular toxic security du jour happens to be.This entire system rests upon a very thin layer of confidence, reinforced by the occasional taxpayer bailout. Yet people still have incredible confidence in banks, especially given that most of the investment products promoted to their customers are, in this insider's words, “crap.” Fri, 22 Feb 2013 09:52:32 -0600 ObamaCare: The Ugly Truth One man's account of 22 years fighting the Medicare bureaucracy. The good news is you really can hold the Medicare bureaucracy accountable and receive all the benefits you were promised for paying Medicare taxes during your working years and Medicare premiums as a retiree. The bad news is you have to be a world-class accountant and auditor to do so. The key to slaying the Medicare bureaucracy is persistence, record keeping and documentation. But even that may not suffice in the future world of ObamaCare. Tue, 19 Feb 2013 10:16:09 -0600 The ObamaCare Train Wreck The central parts of ObamaCare don’t roll out until 2014, but the wheels are already falling off this clunker. The latest news from four federal agencies is that 1) insurance will be a lot less affordable than Americans were led to expect, 2) fewer people than promised will get insurance and 3) millions of people who have coverage through a job now will lose it, thanks to the president’s “reforms.” Oh, and children are the biggest victims. Thu, 14 Feb 2013 12:49:01 -0600 Presidents Jabber; Government Gets Bigger They bankroll education and students are brainwashed and become dumber. They talk and the state-corporate media strain themselves into hernias to praise their erudition or passion. They talk and thousands of lobbyists who have the inside track on their souls parse their words and plan their new strategies. They talk and the American people desperately try to imagine they’re making a grain of sense. They talk and the winds blow and the snow falls and Somebody Actually Important, at a much higher level of the Mob, pats them on their shoulder and folds them up like a puppet and drops them in his pocket and walks upstairs to the Residence and puts them to sleep. Thu, 14 Feb 2013 07:21:22 -0600 Liberty Is Disappearing Before Our Eyes Washington can create a police state because there are insufficient citizens with the intelligence, education, and awareness to stop Washington. Congress has accepted the police state and has given up too much of its power to the executive branch and is too beholden to the special interests that benefit from the police state to do anything about it. Congress is even content for the CIA or the Pentagon, perhaps both, to murder by robot innocent people on the Benthamite presumption that at some future time they might commit a terrorist act. The federal judiciary has proven to be almost as impotent, allowing federal prosecutors to run wild. Liberty is disappearing before our eyes. Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:54:09 -0600 "Protect And Serve," A Thing Of The Past (UPDATE) Whenever police are pursuing suspects, it is official, acceptable policy for officers to do anything they need to do, spend any amount of public resources to protect their own safety regardless of what it means to the safety of innocent bystanders. In a world where police privilege and protection take precedence over citizens' rights, people are well advised if they see police anywhere near them to stay very far away - and hope the police don’t mistake them or their automobile for a suspect or his car. In American police rampages, no less than in U.S. military drone attacks overseas, innocent people are nothing more than potential collateral damage. Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:28:03 -0600 Censorship & Corporatism President's Note: After having my weekly Forbes column terminated by nervous Nellies afraid to tread on the toes of corporate America and big-name think tanks, it was gratifying to see a Forbes column of mine from last year ("The American Experiment In Liberty Has Failed") reviewed and posted where it can be read by many people who probably don't ordinarily frequent LAH Thu, 31 Jan 2013 12:12:43 -0600 Censors SSI President Takes Down Column By Social Secuirty Institute President Larry Hunter.  At 8:00 a.m. January 20, Dr. Larry Hunter, President of The Social Security Institute, posted an article on linking psychiatric drugs and mass shootings and suggesting there was a typical "quiet conspiracy" among gun-control advocates, some politicians and the pharmaceutical industry to downplay and suppress the linkage. Shortly after 1:00 p.m., Twitter users began noting the sudden absence of Hunter's column, and it came to light that Forbes had taken the column down. In reporting the incident, The Daily Caller spun the story to make it appear that Hunter's column was linked somehow to an elaborate, online conspiracy theory it associated with the Church of Scientology because Hunter had quoted U.S. Government statistics appearing on a website that, unbeknownst to him, was affiliated with the Church of Scientology. Hunter had been told by his Forbes editor that his column was removed from its website because readers complained that he cited sources affiliated with the Church of Scientology. A senior VP at Forbes later claimed Hunter's column was "deemed to be outside the contributor’s area of expertise; therefore, it was removed accordingly.” Thu, 31 Jan 2013 12:01:00 -0600 The Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Complex Forbes & Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Complex may try to gag little ol' Larry Hunter but they can't stop the truth coming out. Psychiatry is the kind of all-out fraud few people grasp. In a moment of weakness and exhaustion, Allen Frances, the most famous and honored psychiatrist in America at the time (2000), understood part of it. He told Gary Greenberg of Wired Magazine, “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bullshit. I mean, you just can’t define it.” Does that mean that “mental health,” as defined by organized psychiatry, and backed by the federal and state governments, is a vast criminal enterprise, rather than a science? Yes, absolutely. That’s exactly what it is. Thu, 31 Jan 2013 11:35:43 -0600 "IP" Law Destroying Private Property The Tyrannical States of America (fittingly, the TSA) has become so outrageous, so preposterous, so absolutely abhorrent that even the Librarian of Congress, a common bureaucrat, is empowered to criminalize the unlocking of your smartphone and get you fined up to $500,000 and five years in prison ($1,000,000 and 10 years for a second "offense") under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, which allows him to proscribe technologies he deems to "bypass copyright protections."
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 12:04:28 -0600
Conservatives Are Missing The Point On Welfare Reform Heritage Foundation analysts Robert Rector and Jennifer Marshall put forth a welfare-reform “agenda” that, like so many conservative plans being put forth these days, is earnest, it is reasonable, and it is completely misguided. Wed, 30 Jan 2013 11:54:04 -0600 Baiting The Psychiatric Trap (VIDEO) There is a movement afoot to force everyone through a psychiatric screen and into a psychiatric trap that will be used to deny individuals their constitutional rights, starting with their Second Amendment right to own and bear arms and use those arms in self defense. Under ObamaCare, this process of using mental-health laws to circumvent the Constitution will quickly move beyond gun rights, however, to "except" away constitutional protections of due process and other Fifth Amendment rights that herertofore have prevented government from using already-dodgy mental-health laws to diappear people into the government's psychiatric gulag, as happened recently in Virginia with former Marine Brandon Raub. It won't be long before these psychiatric screens and traps are snapped closed around seniors caught in the government's ObamaCare web. Thu, 24 Jan 2013 10:06:13 -0600 Bring On The Sequester On balance, the sequester would reduce non-exempt federal discretionary programs by about nine percent, hardly a draconian cut, while totally exempting Social Security, Medicare and funding from our troops in the field from ANY cuts.  Many private businesses and households would be ecstatic if they had to cut only nine percent from their budgets in this rolling economic disaster, a disaster the politicians created and perpetuate by refusing to do what’s right to allow the economy to heal. Tue, 22 Jan 2013 08:21:44 -0600 "Slash And Burn" Social Security Strategy Is Wrong Solution Today, most conservative plans to reform Social Security are of the slash-and-burn variety, to get costs down by cutting benefits, within the context of the existing program. Seniors, who already paid into the program more than the payout is worth quite reasonably resist this non-solution.  They do not want to see their hard-earned contributions taken away by a bunch of rich guys who refuse to cut the rest of the government down to size. A better approach is to stop lying about budget-crisis cuts to Social Security being reform and start with a clean sheet of paper to figure out a way to solve the problem while spending less money. The end result should be more overall benefits for retirees and much lower cost to everyone. Sun, 13 Jan 2013 14:14:48 -0600 It's The Drugs, NOT The Guns (VIDEO) Pharmaceutical makers, not gun owners, should be held to account for the series of "lone-wolf," mass shootings that have occurred since the widespread use of psychiatric drugs began: "One of the things in the past that we've known about depression is that it very, very rarely leads to violence. It's only been since the advent of these new SSRI drugs that we've had murderers even mass murders taking these antidepressant drugs." Why isn't former Business Roundtable President and current head of PhRMA, John Castellani sitting in White House and congressional meetings on mass shootings instead of Dave Keene of the NRA? Sat, 12 Jan 2013 15:30:41 -0600 NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Comes Unhinged Questions to ask the maniacal governor of New York:  "What ever happened to Equal Protection of the Law? When did America consent and acquiesce to special treatment under the law for government agents?" Questions for the American public: "How long will we tolerate it?  When will we draw the line and say, “NO, tread on me no longer tyrant; cease and desist?" Fri, 11 Jan 2013 09:38:45 -0600 Inflation Propaganda Exposed (VIDEO Update) The government and its mouthpieces point to the supposedly low inflation that has occurred during the current period of rampant Fed activism to defend the monetary debauchery currently underway. In a recent blog post, Paul Krugman noted that the sub 2.5% increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) over the past few years are all that is needed to prove those warning of inflation wrong.  Indeed, they go so far as to assert that the CPI itself overstates inflation and that the Fed would be better able to help the economy if less strict methodologies were used.  However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the CPI is essentially meaningless as it woefully under reports rising prices, which is actually between 7% and 10% a year. Thu, 10 Jan 2013 23:26:24 -0600 Make The Politicians Eat Dirt House Speaker John Boehner plays the fool or the knave, it is never quite clear which. But, whichever it is, no good will come from his preposterous claims about "tax reform," which has turned into nothing more than a cover for raising taxes and expanding the most highly redistributive income tax in the developed world into an even more punitive instrument of economic torture. Mon, 07 Jan 2013 16:11:02 -0600 This Is How World Government Gains Ground Rapacious, hot shot politicians who cloak themselves in conservative garb desperate to cast the tax net over the whole globe to keep big government expanding. Britian's Conservative PM says, a "crackdown" on legal tax avoidance can only be effective if countries around the world act collectively to tackle "abuses." Britain, along with Germany and France, has asked the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to investigate whether tax loopholes can be closed. Remember this the next time you hear the words "tax reform" and "closing loopholes." Mon, 07 Jan 2013 08:25:37 -0600 Opportunity, Not Austerity Senator Ted Cruz says: "The 2012 election did not reflect popular approval of the Obama policies of out-of-control spending, taxes, deficits and debt. To the contrary, 51 percent of voters on Election Day agreed that “government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals. Americans want to stand on their own feet, and Republicans need to champion policies that enable us to do so: ownership, choice and individual responsibility." Fri, 04 Jan 2013 12:56:49 -0600 How Precious Is This? Politician gets suspended license and $250 fine for drunk driving you while you and I would get jail time in Virginia. Meanwhile, sober harried D.C. commuters get $1,000 fines, and eventually suspended licenses for driving in the wrong (HOV) lane on Washington-area Freeway.  This government is discredited; government of the bureaucrats, by the judges, for the politicians. Fri, 04 Jan 2013 11:52:58 -0600 Reactons To "In Defense Of Self Defense" SSI president Dr. Larry Hunter recently published an article at emphasizing the need to have a well-armed citizenry as a last line of defense against an oppressive government.  Since then, the article has gone viral, garnering widespread attention and getting picked up by Liberty websites such as We are privileged to be able to share with you some of the comments the article has generated on since it's publication. Thu, 03 Jan 2013 16:02:01 -0600 You Can Call Us Greece As long as politicians refuse to make the dollar as good as gold again, cut tax rates, slash regulations dramatically to get the economy growing again and give young workers an escape hatch out of Social Security to prevent the program from imploding three decades from now, you know they are not serious about reforming the programs and will just keep trying to cut, chisel and hack away at Social Security benefits because they refuse to cut the rest of the government down to size. You can call us Greece.Why are deficits and debt going through the roof?  Simple:  Government spending for non-retirement programs is going through the roof, and the economy has been in a growth depression for the past 12 years. As long as politicians refuse to make the dollar as good as gold again, cut tax rates, slash regulations dramatically to get the economy growing again and give young workers an escape hatch out of Social Security to prevent the program from imploding three decades from now, you know they are not serious about reforming the programs and will just keep trying to cut, chisel and hack away at Social Security benefits because they refuse to cut the rest of the government down to size.  You can call us Greece. Thu, 27 Dec 2012 21:06:30 -0600 In Defense Of Self Defense The gun grabbers’ assault on firearms is not only, not even primarily an attack on the means of self-defense but more fundamentally, the gun grabbers are engaged in a blatant attack on the very legitimacy of self-defense itself. It’s not really about the guns; it is about the government’s ability to demand submission of the people. Gun control is part and parcel of the ongoing collectivist effort to eviscerate individual sovereignty and replace it with dependence upon and allegiance to the state. A heavily armed citizenry is not about armed revolt; it is about defending oneself against armed government oppression. A heavily armed citizenry is not about overthrowing the government; it is about preventing the government from overthrowing liberty. A people stripped of their right of self defense is defenseless against their own government. A heavily armed citizenry is the ultimate deterrent against tyranny.  Thu, 27 Dec 2012 20:39:29 -0600 Rand Paul's Future Playing the game by the Republican Establishment’s rules, Rand Paul has put his effectiveness as a Senator above any prospect of running for the presidency in 2016. It may turn out that is the best thing he could have done, for himself and for the Liberty Movement. Paul can use his Senate seat to advance the cause of liberty with a revolutionary spirit but he cannot legislate his way there as a maverick insider. He either must continue his father’s strategy of using his seat to advance the cause of liberty without heed of legislative success or he must become truly serious about legislative success, which means becoming Senate Republican Leader. There is no in between. That's why Rand Paul should launch his bid to become Senate GOP Leader by running for a Senate Republican leadership position in the upcoming 113th Congress. And while he’s at it, Rand should demonstrate his serious intent and strong resolve to become a mover and shaker in the Senate by withdrawing now from a presidential run in the next election and urging Judge Andrew Napolitano to throw his hat in the ring and run for president as a Republican in 2016. Sun, 16 Dec 2012 14:59:03 -0600 Lying, Thieving Politicians With “reformers” like Rob Portman and his Republican cronies, who needs Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to spread the wealth around and make everyone equal in their misery?  It gives GOP a whole new meaning: Gyp Our People.The next time some lying politician starts spouting statistics about how outrageous it is that retired workers receive more in Medicare and Social Security than they “paid into the system during their working years,” take a deep breath, sharpen your pencil and do just a bit of basic arithmetic before you take their lies at face value. I guarantee you will discover they are spinning a web of deception to cover up their past lies and to shame their constituents serfs into keeping their mouths shut and willingly making “sacrifices for the greater good” that really only empower government and impoverish people. Tue, 11 Dec 2012 12:21:38 -0600 How To Balance Budget W/O Cutting Social Security (VIDEO) The only real plan to balance the budget without fuzzy math, and do so without cutting Social Security, has been ignored by the mainstream media and deep sixed by establishment politicians.  Watch Ben Swann explain in this video how Ron Paul's budget would balance the budget without tax increases or cuts to Social Security by 2015. Sat, 08 Dec 2012 20:35:24 -0600 Social Security & Medicare Not Causing Deficits In 2001, the Congressonal Budget Office projected that combined Social Security and Medicare spending would equal $1,211 billion in 2011. Last year, combined Social Security and Medicare spending actually amounted to . . . $1,216 billion.  In other words, Social Security and Medicare spending combined last year was exactly what CBO projected it would be back in 2001 when CBO was also projecting a $900 billion federal budget surplus in 2011.  At the same time, total federal spending rose much faster that was projected. As a result, the federal government spent a trillion dollars more in 2011 than was projected the day Bill Clinton left office. It is unambiguously clear that the additional trillion dollars in spending came from somewhere else, not the retirement programs. Sat, 08 Dec 2012 17:08:39 -0600 Last Republican Out Turn Off The Lights The GOP stampede away from principle is well underway. By Jan. 31, the GOP may have double-crossed its Tea Party allies and what is left of its libertarian allies by accepting increases in tax revenues and rates, and alienated its strongest supporters, seniors, by demanding and winning freezes and cuts in future Medicare and Social Security benefits. Sat, 08 Dec 2012 13:14:56 -0600 It’s The Government, Stupid Whatever caused the economy to go into the dumper and revenues to come in below expectations, it wasn’t exploding federal debt and deficits, and it wasn’t the Bush tax cuts, and it wasn't Social Security and Medicare.  Ballooning deficits, rising debt and lower-than-expected revenues are clearly the consequences, not the causes, of the rolling economic disaster we have been experiencing. Deficits are out of control not because tax rates are too low or because the tax base is too narrow or because Social Security and Medicare are out of control; the deficits have emerged through a combination of spending excess and anemic economic growth.  When government is too big and it’s spending too much, the tax base is too small because it isn’t allowed to grow as it should, as it could, as it would if government were not holding the economy back everyday in every way at every opportunity in the name of “fairness” and “the greater good.” Sat, 08 Dec 2012 12:27:05 -0600 Of Course Washington Will Steal Your Retirement Benefits The coming Obama retirement trap has started. Government revenue needs and austerity measures by the Obama Administration today threaten the private retirement system and benefits of millions of successful Americans. Today the twin fake memes of a "Fiscal Cliff" and "Austerity" are combining to create a contrived excuse to tax and steal far more of your wealth and income, including your retirement benefits. Thu, 06 Dec 2012 10:36:00 -0600 It's The Economy Stupid There are moral and political benefits to a balanced budget, but it is simply not politically possible to impose massive spending cuts when the country is experiencing so much economic pain.  Rapid economic growth, which will relieve the pain, must come first. Examination of the Social Security Trustees’ Reports reveals that the real economic growth rate required to keep Social Security solvent, without changes to taxes, benefits, or the retirement age, is 3.5 %, just about the long-run average growth rate since the Great Depression. Anyone with a copy of Microsoft Excel can quickly determine that rapid economic growth—and only rapid economic growth—will solve the federal government’s deficit and debt problems.  If you take the CBO’s latest Long Term Budget Outlook and raise the real growth rate assumption from the CBO’s paltry 2.2% to 3.5%, America’s entire fiscal problem simply disappears. Thu, 06 Dec 2012 09:01:56 -0600 Big Government Knows Everything About You The only "privacy" right the U.S. Government recognizes anymore is the right to kill unborn babies. Where everything else is concerrned, there is no such thing as privacy in a surveillance state. The FBI has access to all the data collected by the government, which is basically all the emails of virtually everybody in the country. Wed, 05 Dec 2012 09:09:28 -0600 Washington Propaganda Mill Running Full Tilt The Dependency State At Work: Both political parties, the nation's leading newspapers and the Washington commentariat are in hyperdrive pumping out the propaganda that Social Security is a disguised form of welfare and a major contributor to the deficit so they can justify finally realizing their fondest dream of actually transforming Social Security into welfare and cutting benefits. Mon, 03 Dec 2012 08:06:25 -0600