Judge Napolitano Calls for Bush-Cheney Indictments

Earlier this year, SSI posted Judge Andrew Napolitano’s excellent five-part series on the U.S. Constitution. No one will gainsay Napolitano’s conservative credentials.  That is why his observations on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney deserve to be taken seriously.  
In a recent appearance on C-Span2’s Book TV, where he was discussing his new book Lies the Government Told You, Napolitano argued that Bush and Cheney should be indicted for their unconstitutional actions taken during the Bush years.  Here is a part of the exchange between Napolitano and Ralph Nader who was interviewing him:
Napolitano: … What President Bush did with the suspension of habeas corpus, with the whole concept of Guantanamo Bay, with the whole idea he could avoid and evade federal laws, treaties, federal judges, and the constitution was blatantly unconstitutional, and in some cases criminal.
Nader: What’s the sanction for President Bush and Vice President Cheney?
Napolitano: There has been no sanction except for what history will say about them.
Nader: What should be the sanction?
Napolitano: They should have been indicted.  They absolutely should have been indicted.  For torturing, for spying, for arresting without warrant.  I’d like to say they should be indicted for lying, but believe it or not, unless you’re under oath, lying is not a crime — at least an indictable crime.  It’s a moral crime.
Nader: So you think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should — even though they’ve left office — they haven’t escaped the criminal laws. They should be indicted and prosecuted.
Napolitano: [...]  the evidence … is overwhelming, when you compare it to the level of evidence required for a normal indictment, that George W. Bush, as President, and Dick Cheney, as Vice President, participated in criminal conspiracies to violate the federal law, the guaranteed civil liberties of hundreds, maybe thousands, of human beings.
Watch the entire exchange here:  


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